Uniform Day Saturday 14th June 2014

There will be a Uniform Day on Saturday 14th June from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. in the school.

1. Uniform Exchange – Parents can trade in their children's clean, wearable used uniform items for other uniforms that would fit their growing children. Bring along any Jumpers, Trousers, Skirts or Jackets on the day and swap for another item. In addition, if you have any part of the uniform that you no longer use, these can also be dropped in on Saturday 14th.

Note: 6th Year Jumpers are especially appreciated!

Design our Jersey Competition

Huge congratulations to Glenn (5th Year) on winning our recent Design Our Jersey Competition. The judges really had their work cut out in picking a winner, but there could only be one. Glenn's design is now our official school kit for all our competitions and it really looks well. Glenn incorporated the maroon and yellow of Rush into a traditional jersey design. The single hoop around the middle represents all our school together as one team from many different clubs and backgrounds. The jersey also has the Mercy crest and our Jubilee Logo incorporated into the design.